Greenish antics of Nige to grow, build and make a gr8 world

Greenish antics – frugal, growing, trying and sharing

The first shoots of greenish antics April 19, 2007

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Start of a blog.  Wow.  Taken me a few weeks to get it started although I captured some blog entries in Word earlier that I’ll put up to start things off.  Philosophy? To capture the evolution of nigey-greenish antics.  The birth of an allotment, the experimentation with turfing and other garden tasks, the experience of an old farm cottage in the countryside and the sheer haven’t-got-a-clue-how-it-will-turn-out of woodwork and DIY.

 It’s all been inspired with the move to the Breens cottage in the Sussex rural landscape, UK.  The cottage offer me and the girls of my life a behemouth of a garden to get stuck into – and it needed getting stuck into to get it sorted and suitable for our enjoyment.

 I hope all readers enjoy and offer some advice back where neccessary…. greenish antics onwards….

Breens from the back garden: 2 Breens Cottages


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