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Not quite as prepped as planned…. April 26, 2007

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—– To provide the full story, the following is an archive post written before we moved to the Breens and the day now after the planned prep day in the garden to get a head start 


Mon 12 March 2007

Well shortly after writing the previous entry, we got a little shaken by some concerns from the landlord that almost suggested he was reconsidering us as tenants.  It was due to his worries about us having the young baby with the pond next door, rough ground at the bottom of the garden etc.  I met him on Saturday morning and walked around, talked about some parts etc.  He was also not keen for us to start gardening until the contract was signed but I pleaded to at least be able to cut/strim some of the grass which was getting quite long.  This he said was ok, and I did well – with mate Alex S coming down to help for a few hours.  We also procured some horse manure by some car boot loading from a local stables and Alex brought some bagged mushroom compost from our mate Michael who runs a supplies company!  Unfortunatly we just had to stash this stuff for another time when the landlord feels ok about us starting.

So just sods law after writing the previous blog entry, that we would be prevented from getting cracking really.  I did do a bit of digging on the patchy areas of grass to dig in some compost and lay some grass seed so that was fun, and hopefully will actually result in something!  We (Ema) also took a bit of minor weeding a little too far (though well) on the planter area, and I hope that the landlord doesn’t get stroppy with us having done that when he had said yes to grass cutting.

Even with that day’s activity I felt the work straining my body, but in a good way. And hope it’s all a build work/training for some hardcore digging and soil prep over the next few weeks.

We’ve also added a new challenge to our list – to somehow fence off the top section of garden/grass to a) protect Erin from toppling over the wall, and b) allow her to have a little more of a free run outside with less supervision.  We’ll need to decide on a fencing approach however and then buy and put this in.  Short term strategy – play pen bars!!


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