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Diggin’ days May 10, 2007

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Well to get started on the story of the allotment developing….

The before shots in the previous post show the muddy waste land that was destined to become an allotment area for us.  A little bit of planning started it off with background reading and chats with a few gardening minded friends, some procurement of bagged mushroom compost (cheers Mike!), the gleeful application of Nigey-Compost (2 years of food scraps and gentle toil) and the smelly trips in the micra to a local horse stables.  The Micra still smells now of horse manure some two months later.

I thought it might be a good bit of maths practice to get Thais involved in plotting out the allotment so I came up with some questions around measurements, areas, and volumes of compost.  She got stuck into it and then Harry and Thais got out there to mark out the areas on ‘Allotment Site 1′ with garden string and pegs.

This led the way for Nigey to get diggin’ with the plan to roughly loosen the earth and weed (grass starting to develop heavily) – first stage.  Then second stage to more finely weed and add a top covering of manure/compost.  Third stage to begin a double dig process.

[Pic – ] Working and toiling

 The plan was all based on roughly 1.2 by 5 meter patches, and the double digging seemed manageable in thirds at a time per patch.

I left one half of a patch with no compost as I read about carrots shouldn’t be on recently manured soil.

Bizarrely, of 4 patches on Allotment Site 1, patch 2 was ready first (with half no compost/maure) then patch 1.  As I write this (May) Patch 3 is ready for double digging and patch 4 is only at basic stage 1.


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