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First greenish growth – herbs May 10, 2007

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Slight change in tack to present the birth of green growth in nigeylife.  Seed prep started with a kitchen-herb kit that Ema had bought me.  It was a little plastic house with 6 small tubs and 6 packets of different herb seeds.

So an excited Nige in early April grabbed the kit and started out trying to germinate.  After obsessive focus morning and night after about a week the first shoots appeared in two of the pots, followed by other two pots a few days later.  These were then transferred to the bedroom window sill during a fantastic sunny period of April and more obsessive attention.  The first the come on strong was the basil and the parsely.  After around four weeks the first crop was sprouting nicely and ready to plant out soon.

First seeds - ‘erbs

There were however, still two pots that had failed to sprout at all! I think these were Chive and Coriander and to this day (now May) the Chive is still not making any kind of appearance!  Further crops however are coming on and all will shortly be heading out to join the first brothers and sisters in the top planter in the garden.  Just currently hoping that the crazy monsoon weather that has hit us now won’t batter those already out (haven;t got round to building adequate closhes or cold frames!


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