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Get them taties in the brown…. May 10, 2007

Filed under: Allotment,Gardening — Canvas Summer Nige @ 10:55 pm

The digging prep had been completed and I was impatient to get something in to see if – in fact – it was that easy to grow stuff as a recently read biography about clueless blokes allotmenting had found.  Plus a freecycler posted some free unwanted chitted potatoes and onion sets.  It was too good a motivation to pass up.

So picking up the 4 potatoes (bit shrivelled looking and highly expected to die) and onions, plus grabbing a pack of carrot seeds we got stuck in to the awaiting allotment site 1 – patch 2.  The carrots went in as two rows bounded each side and in between with a row of onions as recommended by various sources (anti carrot fly).  I’d proposed this section of patch 2 as for carrots as it seemed the loosest soil to leave uncomposted.

With an over-enthused ceremony by Nige, they were put to their earthy bed.  All was happy until Ema pointed out that they probaly wouldn’t be ready until September!

First planting composite    First planting composite 2


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