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Help…. I’ve got a growth May 10, 2007

Filed under: Allotment,Gardening — Canvas Summer Nige @ 11:24 pm

It is that easy.  You just stick stuff in the ground, water a bit and it grows…. well, maybe my early digging and prep efforts helped but then again it’s also still early days.

 BUT – we have strong shoots through for the carrots AND the onions AND the potatoes!   shoots appear

Within 3 weeks of planting (from seed for the carrots) –

I thought the carrots were just grassy weeds coming through but in fact they’ve come through great!  Ema has even thinned them so we must be doing well.  Again, we’ll have to see if the monsoon like May weather does any damage, or if we get an influx of rabbits or slugs or frogs or anything else trying to eat them up, but if it all goes crap from here at least we can say we got stuff to grow. 

It does feel really good, though a long way before being able to feel like we are proving self-reliance and possibilities to any degree.  It will mean that soon I will be able to claim frugal eating as a keywood in the blog!


One Response to “Help…. I’ve got a growth”

  1. ema Says:

    lots and lots of baby bunnies frolicking down the drive today…. maybe invest in some rabbit proofing before those seedlings all disappear!

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