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casualties and new beginnings… May 31, 2007

Filed under: Gardening — Canvas Summer Nige @ 10:52 pm

Quick post late at night just cos I’ve not been in the habit of chucking some thoughts down.

 We have casualties – something has come along and nibbled the nastursims that were doing nicely well.  gits.  and some carrot leaves.
nibbled nastursims1 and nibbled nastursims2

but generally things are still coming on well – potatoes especially and we even saw one close to the surface level.  (must earth up more actually.. – note to self)

So mourn the eaten veg. 

Was v satisfying to put the greenhouse together [will write distinct post for it] – same level as diggin the allotment patches.  mad how overgrown that whole garden is now – will also add a before/after shot of it now it is in full early summer flow!!!  mucho nettles and sticky weed.  ah well.


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