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First produce… June 28, 2007

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Quick post from work as I am munching on the first produce (apart from herbs) from the garden – so at least first produce from the allotment patches.

It’s only nastursiums but you have to start somewhere.  v v peppery on their own, nice in a chedder cheese sandwich roughly put together at work.

:> composite nast munching by me


Ok so now the blog digs a little deeper at last June 26, 2007

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So having now posted the updates and the immense growth, it struck me just how cool stuff growing really is.

Since moving into this place, the whole back garden section has gone from plain earth to immensly overgrown greenness.  And the allotment patches and pots of herbs planted have just turned into these massive (so far even!) things seen.  I wish I had captured it on a image capture animation like a wildlife program.  My thoughts are coupled with a walk back from the local station home when I got back from Spain and with the time spent in Spain mainly outdoors/on beaches/walking by the coast.

As I walked back the clouds were coming over dark against bright blue/sunny parts.  Cars drove past me and it struck me how close and in touch with .. (ready for it….?….) nature I was.  People live in bubbles – in cars not walking, in offices/cities/flats not countryside, playing football/drinking not climbing and mountaineering.  An exception I think is dancing, clubbing and music which I think brings people to a good place (read also meditation etc etc).

Seeing the garden grow, and living life with things like time in the spanish air and climbing (ok bit rare these days, but still have a firm love of it) as well as music/clubbing (ditto) has made me in touch with something.  To see this growth and to be a part of it, a help to it, and in control of it really does feel special.  I read about the novice allotment guys’ moments of realisation and I’m reading “zen and the art of motorcycle maintainence” and the authors writings on connections and perspectives.  I don’t think I’m actually changing, but just becoming more aware of things I already know, have already seen and already appreciated.  I hope I can make my children and all who I touch even slightly aware of the same.

The garden and vegatables/herbs growing is so slow, so patient, so easy!, so on it’s own.  but then again, it needs me to ensure water is provided, to keep munching rabbits at bay, to hold back choking weeds.

right, that’s enough for now…. hope my rambling can be enjoyed by someone.  it’s not neccessarily supposed to make real sense. this is what blogs are for n’est-ce pas?


Nige’s favorite tapas – attempt, actual & appetite

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Having popped back from hols in spain, I brought back some of my favourite tapas and checked to see how my attempts at propogating/growing some are going.


Nada.  nada nada nada.  Three propogating trays and nothing.  Two inside, one in the greenhouse.  Dammit.  Will have to try some new seeds again.

To help show what I’m on about, here are the real deal and an attempt to capture the beauty of them fried and salted in a photo.

real deal piementos de padron


wow – leave it for a few weeks and look what they get up to…

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So we’ve been away for just over a week on holiday before my return.  Taking a look round the garden (it’s been v wet in the UK apparently) and the kids (plants) have gone mad – like growing an stuff.

tomatoes, herbs & peppers : composite of heavily grown tomato types & herbs

 kids’ sunflowers: sunflowers…

 allotment patches update: allotment update  allotment update 2


keep the story growing June 14, 2007

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I’ve not been keeping the growth development up to date week to week.  So here’s an updated shot of the tatties -> tatties – May  and tatties – May – 2


Greenhouse, hot house, nigeybodge house June 5, 2007

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Time to record about the greenhouse.

Was looking for a shed on freecycle sites for a while, when suddenly noticed a greenhouse available near Haywards Heath (accessibly nearby).  I toddled over to check it out on a lunchbreak and it seemed pretty ok condition wise.  A bit old (they’d had it for about 20 years) and possibly tough to dismantle.  The helpful couple there though offered to help begin to remove the glass and start dismantling.

 I got the lot in two trips – though a little later than planned.  including a comedy attempt at carrying the entire roof section (glassless obviously) off the frame, down the garden and alleyway – which turned out to be way too narrow with trees and a fence on each side.  A few bent sections and some swearing later and I managed to get it on the roof bars….. which led to another comedy drive with it tapping on the roof and needing checking and rope tightening a few times!  The rest pretty much went in with a tonne of glass carefully transported with bubblewrap.  Amazing how heavy that many glass sheets are.

Then it took a few weeks to get some paving slabs and hardcore/sand/ballast type material also from freecycle.  Plus a few weeks to prioritise the effort to do the ground levelling and bolt it together.  As soon as I had it up, we had forecasts of a hurricane on it’s way so I had to take the glass back out again!!

composite of greenhouse

Anyway – so a nice and hopefully fruitful addition to our gardening world.  It’s meant I could also start to propogate the spanish piemento peppers which I really really really hope come up well cos I love them.

The nigebodgeness? 

     – It’s not PERFECTLY level,

     – there’s ill-fitting base planks cos the original has asbestos sections and I used what wood boards I had laying around,  

      – because of the above the glass doesn’t fit around all the sides and there is a 6 inch gap at the top of each side panel!!

      – there are two entirely un-glassed vertical panels, one entirely un-glassed roof panel, and one bodged with a too small/too long glass piece that doesn’t fit anywhere else either!!!!

But I did get the door on and working (ish)!!!


random diversion – garden art

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Trying to inspire middle daughter H into random alternative art forms – so grabbed a load of grass cuttings, sticky weed and conker tree leaves to make a landscape.

Our art creation         The real view