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Greenhouse, hot house, nigeybodge house June 5, 2007

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Time to record about the greenhouse.

Was looking for a shed on freecycle sites for a while, when suddenly noticed a greenhouse available near Haywards Heath (accessibly nearby).  I toddled over to check it out on a lunchbreak and it seemed pretty ok condition wise.  A bit old (they’d had it for about 20 years) and possibly tough to dismantle.  The helpful couple there though offered to help begin to remove the glass and start dismantling.

 I got the lot in two trips – though a little later than planned.  including a comedy attempt at carrying the entire roof section (glassless obviously) off the frame, down the garden and alleyway – which turned out to be way too narrow with trees and a fence on each side.  A few bent sections and some swearing later and I managed to get it on the roof bars….. which led to another comedy drive with it tapping on the roof and needing checking and rope tightening a few times!  The rest pretty much went in with a tonne of glass carefully transported with bubblewrap.  Amazing how heavy that many glass sheets are.

Then it took a few weeks to get some paving slabs and hardcore/sand/ballast type material also from freecycle.  Plus a few weeks to prioritise the effort to do the ground levelling and bolt it together.  As soon as I had it up, we had forecasts of a hurricane on it’s way so I had to take the glass back out again!!

composite of greenhouse

Anyway – so a nice and hopefully fruitful addition to our gardening world.  It’s meant I could also start to propogate the spanish piemento peppers which I really really really hope come up well cos I love them.

The nigebodgeness? 

     – It’s not PERFECTLY level,

     – there’s ill-fitting base planks cos the original has asbestos sections and I used what wood boards I had laying around,  

      – because of the above the glass doesn’t fit around all the sides and there is a 6 inch gap at the top of each side panel!!

      – there are two entirely un-glassed vertical panels, one entirely un-glassed roof panel, and one bodged with a too small/too long glass piece that doesn’t fit anywhere else either!!!!

But I did get the door on and working (ish)!!!


One Response to “Greenhouse, hot house, nigeybodge house”

  1. Rach Says:

    Loving the bodgehouse Nigey! When do you get the chickens? x

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