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Starting some woodwork….. remember T-Squares? July 31, 2007

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First true nigey-woodcraft project.  A simple practice slightly rushed store/shelf unit for outdoors.  I decided that having my wellies inside the back door was too annoying and needed a waterproof store to keep them in outside by the back door.  At the time of writing I haven’t finished yet as I am intending to practice a half-lap joint (i think? – posting q late at night!!) to attached the roof to the side frames.  I’ll add another pic when it’s complete and in use!!

side frames  nearly put together…. deliberate mistake??

Nigeybodge! – deliberate mistake (!) during constuction seen in the pic above.  Had to take off intended horizontal shelf struts as had put them on the wrong side!! 


plus some new weaponry

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I’ll need to get some pictures but my lovely lady was inspired in spanish markets and saw a scythe to get me – plus her dad gave me his cherished one too to boost my armoury even further.  So on return from our hols I let rip with swooshing serious cutting action.  Only injury was to some fence posts and the tip of the blades when I got the scythe stuck in them!!!

 Excellent power over tall weeds and grass…… argh har!!!! [evil laugh….].  It was mainly in the name of clearing the overgrown path and weeds all around the veg plots so that we can lay weed control matting over it all to kill it off and turn it into more growing space.


okay okay I’m late…. – I’ve been eating veg!!!!

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Alright, so partial failure to blog regularly. ….. but what an update I can offer.  After starting out this year with

     a) no knowledge at all

    b) a history of not being perfectionist and really blagging stuff badly and

    c) the understanding that we probaly would’t grow much at all this year.

And now even with the naff 2007 summer weather……  We’ve got/had:

  • 100 potatoes 
  • 2 Cucumbers, 2 more coming
  • Carrots (one eaten, around 30 I reckon ready soon)
  • A dinner load of fresh garden peas
  • A veritable bush of nasturshums

composite of july achievements snapshot

We’ve also got a load of tomatoes on the edge of getting to size and gettin red, tall and proud sweetcorn, nicely coming along kale, parsnips, brocoli, onions, and garlic. 

 So wow – even makes a big list in a posting!!!  We need visitors in about a months time to experience full nigey-green roast dinner!!!

 It feels really good and on just 3 narrow strips we’re pretty confident that next year we can do better with a whole area not just beds – much like we saw at the in-laws in Spain.