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Starting some woodwork….. remember T-Squares? July 31, 2007

Filed under: Woodcraftyness — Canvas Summer Nige @ 10:39 pm

First true nigey-woodcraft project.  A simple practice slightly rushed store/shelf unit for outdoors.  I decided that having my wellies inside the back door was too annoying and needed a waterproof store to keep them in outside by the back door.  At the time of writing I haven’t finished yet as I am intending to practice a half-lap joint (i think? – posting q late at night!!) to attached the roof to the side frames.  I’ll add another pic when it’s complete and in use!!

side frames  nearly put together…. deliberate mistake??

Nigeybodge! – deliberate mistake (!) during constuction seen in the pic above.  Had to take off intended horizontal shelf struts as had put them on the wrong side!! 


One Response to “Starting some woodwork….. remember T-Squares?”

  1. Rach Says:


    Need some advice from the Nigester please. I made a veg patch yesterday, and planted some seed potatoes. The instructions say I need to earth up around the plants, and put fleece or straw around the shoots when it gets colder. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Rach x

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