Greenish antics of Nige to grow, build and make a gr8 world

Greenish antics – frugal, growing, trying and sharing

plus some new weaponry July 31, 2007

Filed under: Allotment,Gardening — Canvas Summer Nige @ 10:15 pm

I’ll need to get some pictures but my lovely lady was inspired in spanish markets and saw a scythe to get me – plus her dad gave me his cherished one too to boost my armoury even further.  So on return from our hols I let rip with swooshing serious cutting action.  Only injury was to some fence posts and the tip of the blades when I got the scythe stuck in them!!!

 Excellent power over tall weeds and grass…… argh har!!!! [evil laugh….].  It was mainly in the name of clearing the overgrown path and weeds all around the veg plots so that we can lay weed control matting over it all to kill it off and turn it into more growing space.


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