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quick note on those elusive peppers August 21, 2007

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A few posts back was about the failing spanish peppers.  I now have been able to pot about 6 shoots in the hope that they grew into strong pepper plants.

Unfortunatly at least 4 of them seem to actually be weeds, so will take pics and post here soon!  So hopefully the remaining 2 might actually be the desired piementos although with such a lack of sunshine they’re likely to die or at least not be fruitful.  They’re about 10cm high at the mo with a few leaves each.  ah well.  plently of sweetcorn instead.


nige as sheep leader…..

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I popped down to the compost bin the other day, and a field full of sheep decided that I must be their leader or something and all came running at me baa-ing enthusiastically.

I’ve had this once before when in the actual field there and it was a bit scary, but from behind the barbedwire fence I was able to feel confident and leader-like and so pronounced the plans to take over the world to my flock (ah har…!)

nige’s flock

ps…. I actually did pronounce such things as no-one seemed to be in earshot.  I have a video taken of it, so will try to convert to upload here….


wooden welly store in use!!

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Ok it’s sort of finished and a true example of nigeybodgeness.  Good attempt at joints though – should be visable in the pics!  Have still to some how add walls to the sides and a shelf to the bottom (maybe) but for now have attached black plastic at the back to stop rain water coming in from the wall there.

yay for sawing and drilling and screws and nails!!

woodstore joints  plus ->> woodenstore in use


Remaining abundant

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A Loverly sunday lunch was had – with real homegrown flavour.  If only I could be more of a Gordan Ramsey and have my own pigs for pork, but the kids would never let me.

– carrots

– parsnips

– potatoes

– green beans

Yum yum  – > sunday veg

….. and contrary to previous posts I have now to admit to some carrots and parsnips being split in comedy ways.  ah well.


desperate attempt to blog August 16, 2007

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Well I must say that the idea of blogging regularly isn’t going well – and it’s not wholey because we’re too busy eating veg and gardening.

However, we are abundant still with veg – recent heavy rain and winds hasn’t taken too much of a toll thankfully although I still haven’t got a single tomato ripe yet!!

 Sweetcorn is nearly there – so hope to BBQ some this weekend.  A fairly regular supply of small numbers of carrots (reasonable size and straightness ok though – no split ones yet!!) has been nice, and we’ve nearly finished the potatoes.  We’re on the cusp of cauliflower, kale, parsnips etc so that would be nice – and garlic.  We’re using the onions now as they seemed to be going a little manky in the wet ground!

Chicken house plans still on hold, due to time needed to dedicate to it.  I’ve got the woodstore outside the door now but just need to rainproof it.

ah well – growing, just not blogging v much.  “must try harder….”