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nige as sheep leader….. August 21, 2007

Filed under: deep — Canvas Summer Nige @ 9:28 am

I popped down to the compost bin the other day, and a field full of sheep decided that I must be their leader or something and all came running at me baa-ing enthusiastically.

I’ve had this once before when in the actual field there and it was a bit scary, but from behind the barbedwire fence I was able to feel confident and leader-like and so pronounced the plans to take over the world to my flock (ah har…!)

nige’s flock

ps…. I actually did pronounce such things as no-one seemed to be in earshot.  I have a video taken of it, so will try to convert to upload here….


One Response to “nige as sheep leader…..”

  1. ema Says:

    you know they thought you were going to sing them a nursery rhyme as your youngest has done on occassion…

    i saw them later and they laughed at thoughts of nigeyworld domination

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