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some really cool wildlife September 10, 2007

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Whilst clearing my car port/garage thing, I noticed a toy lizard and then that it wasn’t a toy.  Some googling seemed to reveal that it is in fact a female great crested newt (as we understood there to be here in our cellar/pond type areas).

 So to help it, but apparently interfering with a protected species I moved the little lizard lady to near the pond away from the car port.  Interesting that she was there – hope not moved her from a nest or someting?  ah well.  she’d have got squished there anyway and was lucky that she didn’t.

lizard lady


some september updates

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Our youngest explores our wild flowers > youngest explores our wild flowers

middle daughters’ sunflower growing to a fantastic redhead 8ft type < middle lady grows a storming sunflower (thanks to Dom)

Chomped califlower > chomped poorly calif

And a general view at September – only 5 months in!! – > recap on all at September after about only 6 months!!!


random pics September 3, 2007

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ok some carrots went wonky tonights sky