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Freecycling success and brag….. October 2, 2007

Filed under: deep,Gardening — Canvas Summer Nige @ 10:38 pm

In the prev post, we cleared the strips which included taking out some of the marigolds that had bloomed so well and continued to look and smell fantastic.  Actually what we did was to re-plant some to firm up each end of the first ‘strip’ as we thought it might be quite a nice boundary.

 but the process rendered about 10 plants – 5 or 6 really bushy sets now homeless and up-rooted.  Dear lady partner was quite callous saying to just leave them.  But after considering it for about 20 mins I decided it was a waste of beauty and greenish-nigey-ness and decided to pot the best 5 up.  You can see them to the right of the pic in the prev post.

>> One went to a local friend

>> One went to a visiting couple of my uni friends that I bored about my greenish-antics-talk.

>> Three went at the end of the drive on the road with a sign saying ‘FREE’ french marigolds, help yourself.  Two went within 10 mins and the final one went within the hour!!! It was amazingly fast and I felt/feel great about it.  I hope my anonymous benefactors/benficiaries? are fairing well with them.

Dare I say I should have asked for a couple of quid donation….???? Well maybe not, we have done well out of freecycle.


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