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The next plan begins….. October 2, 2007

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As some beds became redundant as we ate lovely veg over the last month or so, we have been v keen to get something started towards next year’s growing. 

cleared and expanded plots - October now. 

(there’s nothing in the polytunnels yet – thinking about playing with putting in over-winter onions and garlic??)

 The main plan was to increase the plot size from the basic three strips this year (plus the kids one) to a whole area rather than strips.  So we have now lightly dug over the path sections between strips 1 and 2 and between strips 2 and 3.   Not sure whether we will double dig these sections (see bastard trenching) or try a ‘no dig’ approach if I can decide on a mulch? (Neighbours have horses so may be option there).

Weed control fabric is currently killing off all grass and plants at the back and extreme sides of the strips so hopefully we’ll be able to expand that way too.

Another next step would then be to expand back onto where our main path is through that part of the garden as it currently has a wall with a bank about half a meter across which is long uneven grass with a small plant/tree in it.  Next to this is our main path which about half to a metre and is unneccessary really when I could just clear the first bank next to the wall.  So another half to a meter to gain there as well if I get chance.

Then next big step would be to cultivate an entirely different section of the garden which would likely require a rotavator, bastard trenching or heavy mulch/double-dig. That will be harder work and the area currently has the wood and fencing intended for the chicken housing…… methinks a more important job to tackle soon.


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