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cookingnnnnninge November 11, 2007

Filed under: foodie — Canvas Summer Nige @ 11:13 pm

Shout out to The Big Sofa for the idea for baby beef wellingtons.  Very nice and highly recommended.  I used Sherry rather than maderia, and beef medallions meat which was may a bit chewy but I was being cheap.  It all came out lovely (mine rare and hers – preggers – well done) and really filling.  yum yum.

And my first expedition with puff pastry too.


They were a bit massive and full – I think because I ended up having q large bits of steak, so I cut them in half and had 2-layers-of-meat wellingtons like a double-cheeseburger!! But real ones have a huge joint of beef in them so it must be ok!!


One Response to “cookingnnnnninge”

  1. Rach Says:

    Go Nige! Good work on the wellingtons, look lurvely. x

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