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mini update on gardennninge and sexy dirt November 11, 2007

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I think that we’re into winter pretty much.  well ok still the end of autumn, but the allotment has all but been exhausted for the main crop.  a few parsnips hanging in there, and we’re still keeping the failure leeks in just for laughs.

 Nope, now we’ll be leaving the allotment posts for a while and just having occasional updates on some winter onions and califlowers that will be braving the frost,snow and general winterness.  We are still continuing to expand the plot as we can ready for next year.

onions for winter  mini poly tunnels!

One funny thing was that whilst digging over the general area I had a repeat thought of how lovely the earth was, what excellent condition it was and how almost sexually lush it was in that regard…… strange I know, but I can’t deny it.  Not not deny that….. I didn’t do anything to kiss it or anything – just enjoyed picking it up etc.  Come round and try it!

The blog will move other to others areas now methinks….


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