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tired thoughts November 11, 2007

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I’m hot.   really quite hot.  generally but then also temperature wise.  But I’m comfy.  Tired but comfy.  I have my fire on in my cottage and it’s really rather nice.  I’ve done lots of jobs today – mainly manly and dad-like stuff like drilling and rolling down hills/tickling.  Then I lit a fire and burnt lots of stuff.  And cooked and ate meat.  real meat with blood n stuff. yum yum.

We went to a bonfire night last night which was good and it reminded me how much I like fire.  lots of people go through a pyro phase which I defintly did.  For those who know him – Wardi – and I used to burn massive massive piles of branches in the local woods where they had been logging.  Then we started burning other stuff including accidentally setting light to a hay barn (not full).  Sorry if you just saw that mum.  It was all ok.

The sky this afternoon was very nice.  Blues, oranges, white and grey clouds, bright and cold etc.  Then I could see smoke coming from our chimney from afar.  Have been sat next to the fire for most of the time since.  baby daughter liked it although she’s still convinced it’s fireworks although I explained – many “flames” in the “fire”. like a “bonfire” that we saw at the “fireworks”.  complex.

Just the way something keeps itself burning with this oxygen ingrediant as it dissappears, very strange really.  bit like our cells I suppose (the ones that get used up to transform into somehting else or die or somat.)  Like thoughts that are running through your head and are whipping up into something but ultimatly disappear to leave their ash in minimal quantities.

I think particularly with today being rememberence sunday with me having looked at the first world war a lot over the last 6 months.  To be poignant in it’s context is good and to think about death and trauma and humilty and humanity and sacrifice and loss and bravery and nature.  We will remember them I think is a good statement and I hope to ensure my kids do so (they didn’t much today but they did like Blackadder series 4 so that counts)


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