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woodwork miniprojects update November 11, 2007

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I’ve been a busy nigey-bodging boy!!  I think I’m learning, although reading ‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintainence’ hasn’t turned me around into a time-taking-perfectionist and I remain a woodcraft-aphobe-bodger.

See example 1 – Raising the shoe rack.

Now a couple of friends and my lady laughed at me on moving-in-day when I set about a hurried task to narrow-en (?) a wooden argos shoe rack to fit the little doorway slot near our back door.  It has increasingly annoyed me with all of my bigbrother housemate girls how wellys and general quantity of shoes clutter the area.  So I wanted to raise it.  But I wanted a near front, and I wanted to do it within 20 minutes as I had a roast to do, baby to occupy, woman to appease and 100 other jobs to do (source of my bodgeness methinks??!!).

So the end result is functional and looks ok at first glance.

shoe rack hire

But if you look under the hood, the bodgeness is evident.  one of my best!!! :>    bodgness for hire

Example 2 – curtain pole

We needed a curtain pole to keep out the draft.  And it was a long one so needed a mid-way support bracket too.  Was a little concerned about drilling into plaster ceiling for this, so thought I would screw in directly just to see the affect.  After about a half-dozen apparently successful turns, I felt a little resistance…… then the lights tripped out.  Figured that the electric cabling under the floorboards in the room about was round the edge, so tested again then moved slightly to the right and tried again with same effect (this time wore rubber soled shoes too).

So this seemed out, but my lady had got the wind up me about just how heavy thick warm curtains really could be.  So instead I came up with a bodgeplan – lopping off the bracket and drilling a hole to attach to the handy beam that was perfectly placed but thought too low hanging for the whole bracket.  job done, and not too bodgey!!

PS Check for the holes to the right of the beam!!



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