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Cakeynigeybodge November 19, 2007

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The bodgeness spreads now to cakeness.

In trying to support a charity NCT nearly-new-sale I did really well at making some cakes.  These are my current usual ‘loaf style’ things like coconut or granny-tea-loaf (v nice).

Dear wife suggested a lemon drizzle sponge cake (round type) which would have been my 2nd ever cake of this style (previous one was okish with the help of the 10yr old d daughter).  As photos below testify, all did not go to plan especially with the proportions hopefully visable with the fork in place.  Apparently my inability to notice pencil amendments to the quantities in the recipie book, caused I might add by doing this at 11pm the night before, meant that my cake in tin an inch too wide in diameter didn’t rise to the job. 

 short cake

Quick nigeybodge meant that cutting it in two, and making it a double layer cake with lemon curd inside instead rescued the situation.  To console myself further I made two more stonking banana, walnut & date loafs!!!

tall and proud with two big brothers


One Response to “Cakeynigeybodge”

  1. Rach Says:

    Nige the cakes look amazing! Recipe for loafs please! Will try to put more Rachybodge pictures up, but it’s your speciality really. Dug all my potatoes up today, v. exciting! xxx

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