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No diggity and improving the bodgeness… November 26, 2007

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A busy weekend was had, with some good action in the allotment (c/o of the big sofa company providing resources – thanks v v v much R and T).  Now the plot is expanded and a new path created, ready for the frost to break up the soil a bit for me.  I’m hoping to get a load of mushroom compost procured too to mulch on top over winter as well.  Unfortunatly it was dark when we finished so I’ll need to get a picture some other time – for now a distance shot of the workers!

distance shot of workers

Then the other major success of the weekend was a master-class in non-bodge woodwork.  Including the output of an excellent toy oven for baby’s bday or christmas present (TBD), and a shelf/cupboard to complete the kitchen storage antics.  Thanks to R for his tools, his calmn doggedness and guiding me through fine planed edges.

A pic of the work in progress:

 wooden non-bodgeness

We’ll get it painted and take another pic of the completed model maybe when she gets in in December.


4 Responses to “No diggity and improving the bodgeness…”

  1. Rach Says:

    No worries Nigey! Work paid for by superb chicken lunch tea and amazing banana cake – plus we got to inhale some real fresh air, unpolluted by nasty city smog. Result.

    How cute is the oven! Very impressed.

  2. flutterbyski Says:

    oven looking lovely, shame no completed pic (sans paint of course!) but that’ll follow soon no doubt.

    well done on super effort throughout the weekend.

  3. […] to try to rescue.  I’ll be calling on my Welsh architect friend who has helped my build a cooker for littleun, a hen house for little chooks, and tonnes of other jobs around the […]

  4. Egg « Says:

    […] soon, so that we have room for chickens, and a lovely allotment patch style vegetable garden, like wot we dug for Nige […]

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