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2008 cold start.. January 3, 2008

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Well new year, new vision for growth.  The planning has started for Nigeygreen – ably assisted or more accuratly ‘done’ by her indoors ‘barbara’.  Watch this space for plans unfolding.

 But Nigey-compost continues to develop nicely, with another load secured for use shortly on relevant patches of the allotment space.


The aforementioned allotment space was extended in Oct/Nov as per previous posts, but here’s what it’s like now (still has last years broccoli and kale there – soon to be pulled up and cleared.

 start of 2008

Plus a success with a tardis/dalek like compost bin that was home to up-turned turf.  It has worked and turned into a lovely pile of top soil ready to again go with the allotment area to bolster the volume of soil.  Particularly valuable where we’ve extended I think as it’s a bit peat-y at the moment.


One Response to “2008 cold start..”

  1. Rach Says:

    Yay! Very impressed with your compost Nige. My wormery has not come up with the goods yet, but then I’ve been too scared to investigate as you know. The allotment space looks awesome. I feel proud to have played a part in extending it. So what are you going to grow this year then?

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