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sunshine and nigey-diggin January 12, 2008

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Right, that’ s it. Christmas finished, weather sunny and dry…… all hands on deck to the garden to prep for 2008 season!!!! we’re quite excited now by the prospect of year 2 with a bigger plot, some experience under our belts and grand plans!! Especially fired up by Jamie Oliver program on chickens n eggs, and by progress now made in the allotment area(s) – yes – plural!!!

 So today consisted of fence building – then being able to expand the previous year’s plots again – now they should be protected from encroaching nettles, brambles, grass etc from a true nigey-bodge fence!!! Think her indoors may not actually like the fencing cos it’s quite bitty and thrown together messily!! ah well.  she came out to see but I have covered them with the weed protector!!!  Reading over my shoulder she says that it’s fine!!

expanded and backbreaking

Then I made progress to explore allotment area no 2 (see some of the first blog posts from last April)  – clearing the top grass, digging a little, clearing some bark and stuff as a top layer…..  bad news is that it only has an average of 2 inches of top soil – some it has zero – straight to clay/sand stone! and that the peat/soil feels pretty poor.  The good news is that it means I get to explore more woodcraftynigebodgeness with making some raised beds!!

nigey-bed antics

So a great day – felt very productive.  eldest dd came out to help – littlest (at mo) dd was also out for a while this morning.  Loved the work although a rapid bit of digging up the previously-un-dug-section made me feel quite sick and heart-attacky.  :>  Decided to take it easy as a treat afterwards with a beer, in the hammock, with the moon shining and owls hooting.  nice.  :>

 ahh bisto  mooning 2

Her indoors has got out some gr8 books on self-sufficiency (from the library….!  :>)  to compliment our progress through series 1 and 2 of the good life and into series 3.  Nice input and perspectives – including the plans for a suggested 1-acre small holding which has totally taken both of our attention and become something of a not-too-distant grand vague plan.  I enjoyed a few elements of self sufficiency today with my toils – including checking the topsoil created from the extracted turf last May – lovely brown stuff and v pleased with the result.  Just need to build the beds to use it in!! Got offer of horsemanure from the farm next door and of mushroom compost from mateymikey from back home in the coming weeks!! onwards.



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