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little helper January 13, 2008

Filed under: Allotment,Gardening — Canvas Summer Nige @ 11:26 pm

genius nigeygreen eyes spotted a bargin purchase in the garden center today – and rang the friendly uncle paul of the littlest dd to ask if he would be willing to buy it for her (remotly!)  excellent addition to the nigeygreen workforce. :>

mi wwwweeelbuwwow 

The garden center had another good offering- seemingly excellent value on seed potatoes – £5 for a bag and we got may enough for what we need for this year….

sack o spuds

Then the final brilliance – the nigey-green version of seeing some lovely shoes or the ‘best chocolate’ or even some football shirt or sexy sports car……  purrrrr miow woof woof.

tools like tim the tool man taylor (Left is a tiller [like a rotavator] and right a log splitter)


One Response to “little helper”

  1. Rach Says:

    Oooooh… shiny. I thought a log splitter was an axe though?!! But I guess if you’ve got loads it would be useful. Are you doing a whole new set of beds with a rotavator this year then? v. exciting. Loving the wheelbarrow by the way!


    PS – I got the good life box set for Christmas too! We are just starting series 2 at the mo. Genius.

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