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Making my own bed….. January 22, 2008

Filed under: Allotment — Canvas Summer Nige @ 3:32 pm

… So plants can lie in it? I decided to take a plunge and begin to transfer my lovely-home-made-from-turf-topsoil into the first rough outline of a raised bed that I’ve made.  I put 4 wheelbarrow-loads in which covered about 1.5m x 1m x about 30cm depth.  I reckon I have about another 6-8 barrow loads so hope to double up with mushroom or horsemanure compost to fill up two or three beds in total.    These will probaly need to be shallow-ish beds for things like short stubby carrots, salad, cucumbers etc etc.

raising the (bed of the) titantic

Lovely feeling earth and I’m very excited.  Excellent self-sufficiency feeling to have generated top soil from turf I took up (to lay new turf which I got free from down the road).  And a good way of expanding our allotment capacity quite quickly with little work/digging – especially in our second allotment area which has naff-all topsoil and a poor base for a standard allotment area being dug over.


2 Responses to “Making my own bed…..”

  1. Rach Says:

    Good work Nige! Very exciting. Raised bed looks great so far, what’s the wooden house on the left? x

  2. flutterbyski Says:

    wooden house on left is chicken house-to-be

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