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ok, maybe overdoing it on the ‘progress update’ front…… January 28, 2008

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Wot a productive weekend.  A varied mix of kid-time, gardening and woodwork/bodgeness but this weekend I did:

– Collected a ‘shed load’ (ah har!!) of wood from a freecycler

– Took out around 60 nails from the main timber elements of the above

– Transported wood to the allotment area

– Constructed the best part of 3 raised-beds (see below)

– Fixed a gap in the front gate

– Took down the old side gate and cut/fixed a replacement one including with a hook to secure it from baby-wandering

– Took back old wheelbarrow and blagged a replacement (due to poor wilko-quality inner tube) 

– Went and collected 3 barrow loads of horse manure which translated to 4.5 barrow loads at home down to the allotment to be spreaded

– Finished shifting the topsoil created from turf into the raised beds

– Extended the allotment further by digging over another section for potatoes

– Moved the chicken house (with help) to a more friendly location

– Took the baby for a walk (and also a ride in the wheelbarrow)

– Baked a granny loaf cake

– Watched Babel on DVD and some cracking episodes of The Good Life (piglets being born)

– Felt quite knackered and ache-y (today)

 – Got the offer of a shed from a freecycle ‘wanted’ post!!


raised beds more complete - in the twilight!


One Response to “ok, maybe overdoing it on the ‘progress update’ front……”

  1. Rach Says:

    Blimmin heck Nige – you’ve been busy! If you need help diggin the new beds (or anything else) you know we’d be happy to come and help! xx

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