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the growths start again….. February 25, 2008

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Thought I would offer a quick update on the current growth in the nigeygreen land.  First Earlies (only earlies actually) are at risk of actually taking over the bedroom as we probaly started chitting too early….. we not quite, but they do have quite impressive shoots.

chit 1   ch ch chit 2

Recent her indoors trip to midwife reveal that St Patricks day could be a good target to put them in.


diggin at the weekend

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short update – did some good diggin and felt a glorious return to the earth feeling and mentioned to her indoors that I felt quite fatherly to the earth I was preparing!!!

This is for the potato patch which is a 5 by 4 meter area next to last years allotment strips which wasn’t cultivated for last year.  So it’s been back to the bastard trenching/double digging technique.  I added nigeycompost to the lower layer which is not ‘nigeyoutput’ as her indoors suggested but nigey-created-from-kitchen-scraps.

One strip of it left to go, and again I feel the loss of time during the week when I’m at work in the daytime and it’s dark when I get back.  :< but then I have a 3-day weekend most weeks ! :> but I need to get it sorted ASAP before baby no 4 arrives !!!! :>  :< !!!! and amongst other jobs like getting the chicken accomodation sorted. 

I tried to take a pic to illustrate my backbreaking smelly work of getting car loads of horse manure in.  Unfortunatly it was such a sunny day that the light has knackered the shot, but you get the general vibe of a car boot-load.  The windows still steamed up for a few days after I had taken it all out!! 

 steam windows…


Good news…. (but was bit knackering…) February 3, 2008

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I have a shed!!! (in pieces).  For now, unless the wind gets up much more here tonight.  Holding out for the freecycle karma worked out and a local couple co-incidentally also involved with the NCT that we are stuck into.  They wanted to get rid of one that was in the house they had moved into, and it’s a nice little begger that should be perfick for some chickens hopefully.

shed 1 - before  shed 2 - before

 It did the traditional freecycle journey of death back on the car roof (a la greenhouse frame, lotsa wood, wheelbarrow, chicken house!!!) but made it.  Bloody heavy.  Four main panels, a floor section plus two roof sections.  Plus 12 paving slabs also blagged from aforementioned couple and brought home too that should form the base.  It should go somewhere at the bottom section of grass (pic from when we moved in coming when I find it!).  I need to take up the rough grass, level and put down some sand or something then re-construct with a few fixey-pieces.  Also need to treat the wood somehow as Chicks get offended by roof-felt apparently (or creosote?)