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diggin at the weekend February 25, 2008

Filed under: Allotment — Canvas Summer Nige @ 2:46 pm

short update – did some good diggin and felt a glorious return to the earth feeling and mentioned to her indoors that I felt quite fatherly to the earth I was preparing!!!

This is for the potato patch which is a 5 by 4 meter area next to last years allotment strips which wasn’t cultivated for last year.  So it’s been back to the bastard trenching/double digging technique.  I added nigeycompost to the lower layer which is not ‘nigeyoutput’ as her indoors suggested but nigey-created-from-kitchen-scraps.

One strip of it left to go, and again I feel the loss of time during the week when I’m at work in the daytime and it’s dark when I get back.  :< but then I have a 3-day weekend most weeks ! :> but I need to get it sorted ASAP before baby no 4 arrives !!!! :>  :< !!!! and amongst other jobs like getting the chicken accomodation sorted. 

I tried to take a pic to illustrate my backbreaking smelly work of getting car loads of horse manure in.  Unfortunatly it was such a sunny day that the light has knackered the shot, but you get the general vibe of a car boot-load.  The windows still steamed up for a few days after I had taken it all out!! 

 steam windows…


One Response to “diggin at the weekend”

  1. Rach Says:

    Top work Nigey! Sorry we haven’t managed to get down yet, will do soon hopefully but I’m working most week-ends for the next month or so – rubbish! When Spring kicks in properly we’ll have a rethink. Till then good luck with the beds and the baby! x

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