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ooh… reminiscing… when we’ve only had one season!!! March 26, 2008

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Just looked back over archives – now added to the right – and decided to quickly post how green it was here last summer – hadn’t really clicked how brown/grey it is at the moment with nothing growing – ground all dug over and it being really raining/overcast/windy etc!!!

Check out the growths and the overgrowths!!  Summer 2008 here we come!!! yay!




Productive weekend at last

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Wow – hurrah! A productive weekend at last, we did:

– Planted the earlies (potatoes) plus some main crop cos we just had about 9 holes left and thought what the hell….


– Relocated the greenhouse to the front garden/hardstanding area that should get total sunlight rather than the almost total shade last year!!

– Erected a fence to shield sprogs from the greenhouse when the glass is re-inserted

new home for greenhouse

– Finished the wire mesh bits of the chicken house (pop hole left and nest boxes to build…. plus obtaining the chucks)

– Planted some stuff inc Chillies, peppers, spanish pimientos de padron

– Heard from regional battery hen welfare people that they can’t meet demand, and would be summer before we could get any from them!!!

– Put up hanging basket bracket (Note – did two hanging baskets the other day too and forgot to blog that!!)

– Laid some paving slabs to avoid wet socks when taking out rubbish & the recycling

 – Ate loadsa choc, cuddled new baby girl lots, went for long country walk together, met up wi lotsa friends from home town

Mention to her indoors for also planting lots and lots and lots of seeds – whilst wearing new baby girl in a sling…..


Mention to Rhys also who wanted credit for the chicken house (he has meaty power tools, less bodgeness and more rhysyperfection style and also recently bought me a sexy briefcase of screws (pic will be inserted soon).


I have potato fustration… March 17, 2008

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…and it’s not just because i keep spelling it potatoe!

The weather keeps being so naff – so wet that we can’ t get out to do stuff inc getting the earlies out now.  they’re getting huge chits (!??!) now so need to get them in thou her indoors was told by an irish mwife that it’s traditional to put them in after st paddies day.

Also have some plans to relocate wonky glass-broken nigeygreenhouse and put up the freecycled shed for tools n things.  This will also involve some nigeybodging of a fence to protect the kiddies.  watch this space!

Final update  hi to those visiting from blotanical. !!


feels like we’re re-populating the world….. March 10, 2008

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Her indoors has been busy.  creating seed containers and planting the first of the seeds.  It looks a bit like we’re repopulating the world with our little children.  First pic shows peas, calebrese (closed broccoli), cauliflower, sprouts, purple podded peas (apparently??) , Citrus lemon cucumbers (just the look, not the taste), yellow and white tomatoes.

 lotsa pots (this is only some of the full set)

Then two little things are the little toddler dd’s tomatoes from a woolworths kit bought last year, plus a tesco’s sweet potato that was plonked in a mug and after about 2 months has started to sprout – some old git told me that you then take cuttings from the sprouts???? any advice first.

 e’s toms  sweet sweet pots… (sprouts to left, roots to right)


Sexy earth…. a new creation…. and we’re ready to go

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So main news- i have a new creation that I am so pleased and proud of that it nearly made me cry.  I finished the potatoe plot last night!!  It looks a lot bigger in real life, but I got one photo of it last night.  Good old deep digging and removal of lots of bits of tough sandstone and slate tiles!  Ready to go now though for the earlies which if this storm gives up will go in this week.  Just need to confirm how many we can get in overall and hope that it’s deep enough (between 1 and 2 ft I reckon).


Dear wife indoors also had taken some work in progress pics to show what I was battling with.

pots prep work

Also, I managed to get delivery of a new gardening tool to help over the next few years.  Obviously I was also very pleased with this new arrival, and hope to put it to use at the most suitable earliest opportunity.  She might have other ideas…..

baby yogi bear