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feels like we’re re-populating the world….. March 10, 2008

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Her indoors has been busy.  creating seed containers and planting the first of the seeds.  It looks a bit like we’re repopulating the world with our little children.  First pic shows peas, calebrese (closed broccoli), cauliflower, sprouts, purple podded peas (apparently??) , Citrus lemon cucumbers (just the look, not the taste), yellow and white tomatoes.

 lotsa pots (this is only some of the full set)

Then two little things are the little toddler dd’s tomatoes from a woolworths kit bought last year, plus a tesco’s sweet potato that was plonked in a mug and after about 2 months has started to sprout – some old git told me that you then take cuttings from the sprouts???? any advice first.

 e’s toms  sweet sweet pots… (sprouts to left, roots to right)


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  1. Hello

    This is a bit inane really – but I’m taking a look at other British blogs which are newly listed on Blotanical.

    So I thought I’d say ‘hello’ in passing!

    Esther Montgomery

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