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Sexy earth…. a new creation…. and we’re ready to go March 10, 2008

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So main news- i have a new creation that I am so pleased and proud of that it nearly made me cry.  I finished the potatoe plot last night!!  It looks a lot bigger in real life, but I got one photo of it last night.  Good old deep digging and removal of lots of bits of tough sandstone and slate tiles!  Ready to go now though for the earlies which if this storm gives up will go in this week.  Just need to confirm how many we can get in overall and hope that it’s deep enough (between 1 and 2 ft I reckon).


Dear wife indoors also had taken some work in progress pics to show what I was battling with.

pots prep work

Also, I managed to get delivery of a new gardening tool to help over the next few years.  Obviously I was also very pleased with this new arrival, and hope to put it to use at the most suitable earliest opportunity.  She might have other ideas…..

baby yogi bear


3 Responses to “Sexy earth…. a new creation…. and we’re ready to go”

  1. mike Says:

    Congrats on the new arrival! Very good blog. I found it through blotanical. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Kate Says:

    This must be her! What a great coincidence, so cool to know our’s is in good company. Are you going to grow baby food? Or is that an American thing, to only see particular crops as “baby food”?! Some people say it’s all baby food.

  3. Back to Kate – yes, this is her. A little bless. She’s girl number 4 in our house now!! I’m a bit outnumbered!!

    We’ll grow for the whole family – nothing specific for baby and hadn’t really heard of that? Is that like it sounds that the main focus for some is to grow crops to give natural home-grown to babies when they start to wean??


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