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I have potato fustration… March 17, 2008

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…and it’s not just because i keep spelling it potatoe!

The weather keeps being so naff – so wet that we can’ t get out to do stuff inc getting the earlies out now.  they’re getting huge chits (!??!) now so need to get them in thou her indoors was told by an irish mwife that it’s traditional to put them in after st paddies day.

Also have some plans to relocate wonky glass-broken nigeygreenhouse and put up the freecycled shed for tools n things.  This will also involve some nigeybodging of a fence to protect the kiddies.  watch this space!

Final update  hi to those visiting from blotanical. !!


One Response to “I have potato fustration…”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Rhys says he wants credit in your blog for his contribution to the chicken shed!

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