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Productive weekend at last March 26, 2008

Filed under: Allotment,Chickens,Woodcraftyness — Canvas Summer Nige @ 12:20 am

Wow – hurrah! A productive weekend at last, we did:

– Planted the earlies (potatoes) plus some main crop cos we just had about 9 holes left and thought what the hell….


– Relocated the greenhouse to the front garden/hardstanding area that should get total sunlight rather than the almost total shade last year!!

– Erected a fence to shield sprogs from the greenhouse when the glass is re-inserted

new home for greenhouse

– Finished the wire mesh bits of the chicken house (pop hole left and nest boxes to build…. plus obtaining the chucks)

– Planted some stuff inc Chillies, peppers, spanish pimientos de padron

– Heard from regional battery hen welfare people that they can’t meet demand, and would be summer before we could get any from them!!!

– Put up hanging basket bracket (Note – did two hanging baskets the other day too and forgot to blog that!!)

– Laid some paving slabs to avoid wet socks when taking out rubbish & the recycling

 – Ate loadsa choc, cuddled new baby girl lots, went for long country walk together, met up wi lotsa friends from home town

Mention to her indoors for also planting lots and lots and lots of seeds – whilst wearing new baby girl in a sling…..


Mention to Rhys also who wanted credit for the chicken house (he has meaty power tools, less bodgeness and more rhysyperfection style and also recently bought me a sexy briefcase of screws (pic will be inserted soon).


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