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Hurrah some Spring progress!! April 1, 2008

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Wot a busy weekend.  Hurrah with thanks to R and T from up north (tooting) we now have:

  – A pop hole in the chicken house front

  – A Greenhouse re-population of glass and some plastic sheeting

  – A reconstructed Shed

 shed1  shed etc

An excellent theme of the greenhouse relocation has been bleeding and all three of the main workforce have contributed blood to the frame, glass and floor area around it.  At least it’s good for the plants.

A second excellent theme has been the domain of nigeybodging.  Visiting londoners were treated to the unique shortcuts of nigeybodges, and actually joined in themselves.  This included bad bolt arrangements on the greenhouse, a general wonkyness to the greenhouse as shown by the illfitting door,  two broken drill-bits (now replaced Barbara!! :> ) when trying to get some old screws out by drilling around them, a broken jigsaw bit from trying to force the  cutting of the rottenish side of the shed floor.  R tried to join the club in a hurried fence construction from chickenwire and posts.  The classic moments were trying to bang a nail in with a Rubber Mallet, and in trying to saw a post vertically and then leaning on the grass.  bless….. thanks again though to R and T !!! good workers.


5 Responses to “Hurrah some Spring progress!!”

  1. Rach Says:

    Nigeybodging is the way forward, I am going to introduce it to Tooting! x

  2. flutterbyski Says:

    i think i’m blanking the bodges!! many thanks to R & T for coming down and helping out, maybe sometime you can come down and just enjoy the countryside!

  3. This is all so encouraging!


  4. VP Says:

    Wow you have been busy – and you’ve met Rach too 🙂

    I particularly like your Life list on the sidebar – there’s a great deal of understatement there 😉

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog and commenting the other day. I thought it was about time I stopped lurking on yours and repaid the compliment!

  5. earthwoman Says:

    There’s a good amount of wonkyness on my plot too, I think its a necessary feature of allotment life. There’s something a bit too bling about a perfectly constructed and aligned shed.

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