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further chicken thoughts April 12, 2008

Filed under: Chickens,deep — Ema @ 10:45 pm

[Nige blogging logged in as barbara!]

Quite funny thinking about these chooks that are snoozing down the garden.  It’s a bit like when we we brought home the now toddler from hospital after she was born – the traditional feeling of ‘wow, we’re taking this think home with no support really there, all up to us….’.

Well with the chooks it feels wierd to be allowed to be responsible for their welfare, life, happiness etc.  I want to keep going down there to check them but her indoors says that a bit over the top.  I went at dusk cos I wanted to catch them asleep – and they were – brilliantly sleeping on the perch.  wot an amazing feat of science.  I would like to find out if it’s perfect balance/center of gravity or whether they are awake enough to grip on continously?? Answers by comment please.

The family joked about the fact that we have even more girls in the house now for me, but I do feel a fantastic fatherly vibe for the chooks – they won’t leave the washing up undone, or strop about my comments of how messy they room is!!

Right, off to wee around the hen-house now (desperate to at least get one night without a fox attack on them!)


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