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Things to do with a large car… #104 April 19, 2008

Filed under: Allotment,Gardening — Canvas Summer Nige @ 9:25 am
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Fill it with top soil and wooden pallets all procured from freecycle.  See our list in the widget to the right of all the things procured to date – we’re doing really well although mainly receiving rather than passing on – but I think this still has equal karma.

Anyway, got the topsoil from a localish donor – but actually missed a work call I was supposed to join as I was so involved I just totally forgot about it!

The car was really weighed down and the steering was awful on the way home!! ah well.  Soil will be used for additional pots for potatoes, and to finish the raised beds.  Pallets will be used for compost holder to look a bit less plastic-y than the daleks.


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