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chook update April 21, 2008

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first egg - yummy scrambled 

First egg!! and happy hens – well…. the one that laid this one and a second yesterday (Cindy) seemed a little bit barn-sick and mopey. :< watch this blogspace as we try to cheer her up ……

One of the brown ‘uns seemed to like a little space at the foot of a tree in the garden,  they also escaped a few times to next doors’ garden – meaning we had to contain them a little towards the end of the day!





2 Responses to “chook update”

  1. Rach Says:

    aw, they look like they’re doing well, even if they are a little ‘barn sick’. It must be really exciting looking for eggs. I’m definitely going to come visit soon! xxx

  2. ultimatefowl Says:

    Can’t beat your own eggs, better than store bought!

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