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Part-way through weekend update…. April 26, 2008

Filed under: Allotment,Chickens,Gardening,random,Woodcraftyness — Canvas Summer Nige @ 8:59 pm

Random wanting to post with some updates-:

– Finished raised beds with ends and top soil procured previously from freecycle.

– Admired many shoots now appearing in the potato area

– Transplanted many things including peas, brassicas, nastersiums etc

– Put up some more fencing to sort out the chickens who keep escaping next door!

– Syphoned waterbutt off to stash some rainwater for the coming anticipated dry spell

– Completed a nigeybodge/cunning solution for collecting rainwater off the greenhouse.  [another post with pics to follow shortly]

– Completed a nigeybodge to replace some glass in a shed thing here.

Busy busy busy……

interesting pea in transition to the outside world:>


And a funny find whilst emptying the waterbutt->

 Toddler admitted to putting a flowerpot, a small gardening kids’ rake, and an egg-box in there a few months ago!!


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