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less potato fustration…. more potato joy!! April 30, 2008

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Went to check on the tatties in the rain today.  They’re popping up nicely and it’s a lovely moment of joy and pride when you realise things are working ok (again – 2nd year for us!)


In the main plot (center) we have – (earlies) Accent, pink fir, Jersey royals, ?bakers?, [main] King Edward, Desiree.  Then we have a couple of randoms in two tyre stacks to the left of the picture. 

To the right of the picture we have a random four plants that I cheekily chucked in at the end of last summer when I took up the sweetcorn plants.  Told dear her indoors the other day and she at the moment is saying we should leave them there although they are growing on the path and the roots plot.  :>  Q funny really.

Bets on how many potatoes in total we’ll end up having – last year 4 seed pots = 100 potatoes.  This year 27+2+4 = ? answers on a postcard please!

Question to readers too – how many seed potatoes can we fit in a tyre stack? (standard size tyres?)


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