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nigeybodge? I think nigey-cunning!! April 30, 2008

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The cunning greenhouse rain collection contraptions are a success!  Today was a manky heavy rain day and my rain collections worked really well – one was full when I checked before work and the wheelie bin on the other side had definitly increased at least a little.


The side shown above works really well with all the water draining to this end.  I duck-taped a cut-off coke bottle to the side of the greenhouse, put a kids’ drink bottle lid on it and duck-taped a hose to this.  Then the hose runs down to a knackered old plastic barrel I stole from the horsy neighbours.  The greenhouse guttering needed something to let the water drip properly in so I bodged-on a piece of scrap plastic (from a kitchen bin)!!! nice!!

The other side just has a scrap bit of plastic shoved into a hose which runs to a wheelie bin next to the greenhouse.  That side of the greenhouse isn’t sloped enough so water collects in the middle bit of it and not run very well into the hose and bin.  ah well.  I siphoned a load out of the main house water butt so I think I’m doing ok although am planning to transfer as much as I can to stash before a hopefully hot summer…


2 Responses to “nigeybodge? I think nigey-cunning!!”

  1. earthwoman Says:

    Quality bodging!

  2. That’s a wonderful rain barrel…any concerns about mosquitoes getting in?

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