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a proper update for mid-may May 18, 2008

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Wow.  It’s all coming through.

Lots of updates for all the few but appreciated readers!

All been going well – seriously ran out of water the other day but then it rained for two days and everything got a nice proper drink. The potatoes are run-away climbers and a little hard to control/earth up! hope they’ll end up doing ok.

Greenhouse is doing well with now 2nd-littlest daughters’ tomatoes being first in line with some flowers coming through.  Chillies and spanish peppers basically failed but have some other chillies I bought now doing well and basil doing well too.

We’ve decided to make a few small efforts to make the house a little more pretty, so my hanging baskets and now some forget-me-nots and alyssum planted down the path at the front.

Note the nigey-bodge of not quite bothering to cut the line straight, or to make sure the plants were evenly spaced (mis counted and thought I had 15 not 12! duh!), and that the earth was even (as in moistness/color/type etc).  ah well.  might look nice if I can keep the grass from over-taking it.


I am Jamie Oliver… (maybe a bit less annoying?) May 9, 2008

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If you look at the similarities:

– I recently cooked home made pizza at a party for my lad mates

– I have a preference for Sainsburys (although can’t afford it week to week)

– I have chickens at home and strongly support free-range ethics/culture

– I am enthusastic and active in growing my own veg and cooking with flavour

– I have a top totty wife and lovely daughters with nice names

– I’m bit of a southerner and can speak a bit cockney (my son)

Strange eh? TV show and loada money please!