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Sorry, not too good at this regular update thing June 26, 2008

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Well this house is failing at doing our blogs regularly, so I can now offer a brief update.  I’ve been out in the garden (allotment) tonight so I feel quite in touch.  Over the previous months we’ve had major failures (carrots almost totally failed for 2 crops, but now have a third set seeming quite strong) and some major successes (peas are now producing beautiful crops!).  The greenhouse re-site has worked well and is a tropical jungle of tomato plants and peppers (2 cherry tomatoes).

The chickens are all still alive (!) and we’ve had a fairly regular 3 or 4 eggs a day.  They are so lovely, and so social – although I’m a bit worried that they are so friendly when I do see them cos they’re a bit socially deprived.  Usual kids thing of slightly losing interest in pets after a while….

We now have cows in the field to the right, and sheep/lambs to the left.  Horses still in front of the house. 

The house and garden sound idyllic and in many ways they are, but we do suffer on other wavelengths – like no easy walking routes for prams / toddlers etc so ultimatly house/garden bound or car-dependant, no pubs easily visitable so limited adult time out, no close friends/neighbours so again no adult time out but also limited visitors and no-people-dropping-in.  I’m sure others in smallholdings might also feel these kind of things – especially where people have moved to it. But then a lot of people who have done that seem to be older and child-less so it’s a different experience/set of issues.

I remain positive, connected, learning and at home.  Just want to solve some other non-garden connection areas in our life.

We did have a very good party (nigey-fest) a few weeks ago and it seemed to work quite well.  Good bonfire, bbq, lots of drink and cocktails, decks/music/guitar in the garden til late/dark and all ages seemed to enjoy it.  I just need to sort out a way of actually enjoying my own parties rather than running around hectic trying to make everything work!!

Will get some pics soon!


Pic of chicks June 3, 2008

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The girls are getting cuddly…. June 2, 2008

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A chick update – a few times recently I’ve caught the 4 chick girls lounging somewhere in the sun, and this particular time there were three cuddled up together!!! Well cute.  The white one – toot identifiable due to more brown flecks on her back compared to Cindy – got up as I got the camera out but the other two stayed all relaxed and cosy!

 [bugger…. can’t upload the pic at the moment.  will try a seperate post]

They’re doing very well – fairly reliable 1 egg per day each (so we’re building up 4 per day nicely) – and haven’t escaped much recently.  We’re currently debating the main plan to build a coop to more securely house them while we’re away in the summer.  Plus now have the shed which should form the basis of winter accommodation and possible increasing the flock for some for food.


It’s a free(cycle) world…..

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Wow, freecycle is pretty good – or at least the mentality behind it.  See the widget down to the right of the page for what we’ve had free.  I can’t believe people actually pay for stuff.  Especially things like sheds and greenhouses.  Ok, effort involved if you’re an old lady or something or if you’re really poncey and need a brand new swanky thing….. but come on….

So this now procured:

 (shown in it’s previous owners garden)

….. with a bit of effort to re-construct it with a bit of patching up to do but not too much.. mostly due to:


….. the immense amount of fun it is dismantling this kind of thing.  For a start it’s honest hard work, but so satisfactory as it’s quite quick to achieve something (as opposed to building something over weeks/months/years – like my friends doing their flat/homes that is taken them ages and ages so the benefit so long awaited and painful during the wait).  I ripped down the chicken coop last year, and this was similar.  So a few injured pieces of timber and a snapped hammer (!) but a few scrapped knuckles but lots of fun.



I commented at home too, that this whole new life since we moved here is finally making start to feel 1) useful beyond my IT techie career and 2) quite blokeish (as never previously been in a fight or had a ‘proper’ job!

I highly recommend both free stuff and trashing things.

BTW – shed is intended to be a chicken house at the bottom of the garden – target date 15 September 2008.