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The girls are getting cuddly…. June 2, 2008

Filed under: Chickens — Canvas Summer Nige @ 5:14 pm

A chick update – a few times recently I’ve caught the 4 chick girls lounging somewhere in the sun, and this particular time there were three cuddled up together!!! Well cute.  The white one – toot identifiable due to more brown flecks on her back compared to Cindy – got up as I got the camera out but the other two stayed all relaxed and cosy!

 [bugger…. can’t upload the pic at the moment.  will try a seperate post]

They’re doing very well – fairly reliable 1 egg per day each (so we’re building up 4 per day nicely) – and haven’t escaped much recently.  We’re currently debating the main plan to build a coop to more securely house them while we’re away in the summer.  Plus now have the shed which should form the basis of winter accommodation and possible increasing the flock for some for food.


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