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Sorry, not too good at this regular update thing June 26, 2008

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Well this house is failing at doing our blogs regularly, so I can now offer a brief update.  I’ve been out in the garden (allotment) tonight so I feel quite in touch.  Over the previous months we’ve had major failures (carrots almost totally failed for 2 crops, but now have a third set seeming quite strong) and some major successes (peas are now producing beautiful crops!).  The greenhouse re-site has worked well and is a tropical jungle of tomato plants and peppers (2 cherry tomatoes).

The chickens are all still alive (!) and we’ve had a fairly regular 3 or 4 eggs a day.  They are so lovely, and so social – although I’m a bit worried that they are so friendly when I do see them cos they’re a bit socially deprived.  Usual kids thing of slightly losing interest in pets after a while….

We now have cows in the field to the right, and sheep/lambs to the left.  Horses still in front of the house. 

The house and garden sound idyllic and in many ways they are, but we do suffer on other wavelengths – like no easy walking routes for prams / toddlers etc so ultimatly house/garden bound or car-dependant, no pubs easily visitable so limited adult time out, no close friends/neighbours so again no adult time out but also limited visitors and no-people-dropping-in.  I’m sure others in smallholdings might also feel these kind of things – especially where people have moved to it. But then a lot of people who have done that seem to be older and child-less so it’s a different experience/set of issues.

I remain positive, connected, learning and at home.  Just want to solve some other non-garden connection areas in our life.

We did have a very good party (nigey-fest) a few weeks ago and it seemed to work quite well.  Good bonfire, bbq, lots of drink and cocktails, decks/music/guitar in the garden til late/dark and all ages seemed to enjoy it.  I just need to sort out a way of actually enjoying my own parties rather than running around hectic trying to make everything work!!

Will get some pics soon!


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    Hello! Have a look at my blog, you’ve been tagged!

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