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garden update – July July 14, 2008

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So update due.  Good weather and a bit of tidying at the weekend….  pls excuse the rubbish photos/graphics compared to most peoples blogs – 1) I barely grab a chance to grab pics and upload them 2) we don’t have a flashy camera, 3) see 1 again.  :>  4) updates’ existence first perfection maybe second  5) see 3.





definitly some learnings this year – more fustrations too this year, but potatoes, peas, lettuce and onions are really pleasing.  Hoping that carrots, peas and tomatoes (and chillies/peppers) come out at some point!!


One Response to “garden update – July”

  1. Rach Says:

    Cor Blimey O Nigey! Your garden is teaming with life! Looks fabulous, especially the stuff in the greenhouse, brilliant.

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