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it was my birthday…. July 14, 2008

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And fantastic lady indoors got me one very great thing especially relevant to this blog (amongst other really great things including a her-decorated cereal bowl which I love).

She got me the river cottage cookbook (… erm, book !).  River Cottage for those non-english visitors is a big thing here at the moment, a chef with a business/tv/media company promoting good smallholding/self-sufficiency/proper diet and tastebud ness (pig brain anyone?) etc etc etc.

Hugh has silly hair but other than that he is very cool.

So her indoors has been keen on the idea of some pigs for a while, and I’ve always thought it was a little way off or maybe a bit too much for us….. but I’m coming around to the idea definitly.  Need to give it some thought for two weaners to baconers next Feb to October?!! tee hee.  ya boo to Rach who would never manage that in her city earth patch!!! har har ! (But maybe we’ll call then Rach n Tom?!)

Lots of fantastic information, advice and recipies about all cuts of meat (hence the pig brain reference for “brawn” stew type stuff, or even “fried with a heap of garlic…..” :> ????!!)

Excellent present, highly recommended.  Plus subscribe to the river cottage site/blogs etc – note the especially good attempt at influencing tescos.


One Response to “it was my birthday….”

  1. Rach Says:

    Too exciting, you have to get pigs! You’re absolutely right about the space thing, if we don’t have room for chooks we’ve got NO chance of getting pigs!

    You can’t name them at all if you’re going to eat them can you?! And definitely not Rach and Tom if they’re going to be sent off for the chop – I’ll settle for a co-owned chicken! x

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