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Wot a haul July 24, 2008

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Last year we planted four seed potatoes and got a haul of about 100.  This year we planted a rainforest of about 30 and so far have dug up half – almost all the earlies as we were a bit worried about blight.

A good haul

Average only about 10-12 per plant this year but some huge ones (we didn’t pay attention to the map of different types so not sure which ones are the baking potato type but assume the humungus ones are them).

Started to see some bushing of the carrots too so thinning them a little more reaps some tasty baby ones.


This together with our lovelingly produced home fresh free range eggs (lots off required) leads us nicely to be able to produce delish family receipe/cooking style spanish tortillas which are just the best ever….


2 Responses to “Wot a haul”

  1. Shibaguyz Says:

    Great looking potatoes and baby carrots! We’re trying out hand at potatoes this year in our “Potato Condo” and just can’t wait to dig our the first yummy spuds!

  2. Rach Says:

    Wowee, good work! We have got a few potatoes in the offing but I don’t think it’s gonna fill a bucket!

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