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New project September 2, 2008

Filed under: Woodcraftyness — Canvas Summer Nige @ 8:26 am

I need/want to rescue our ‘car port’ type building that is dying a little.  The landlords highlighted that they don’t support this ‘structure’ which was put up by a previous tenant and which we use at our own risk. 

It’s quite large car port-type thing with four bays, two on the left for us.  The left-most is dying badly as it was when we moved in, but now the main beam and strutts for the back wall have lost their footing and the wall / roof is falling away.


So enter the new project/plan to try to rescue.  I’ll be calling on my Welsh architect friend who has helped my build a cooker for littleun, a hen house for little chooks, and tonnes of other jobs around the place.

Presume we’ll remove the majority of the back panel/wall, dig into the slope a bit and lay some concrete or something to otherwise secure a base for the back panels and re-fix some horizontal beams????  Should be a laugh and will aim to document the work.


2 Responses to “New project”

  1. earthwoman Says:

    I’m glad you passed by because it reminded me that you’d managed to get missed off my new blogroll.
    Glad to be back in touch, good luck with that carport.

  2. Rach Says:

    Hey hey Nigey! Good luck with this, if you want some labourers we’re around! xxx

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